Mobile Shop Reparing Business

Nowadays everyone is using Smart Phones and since Jio has come, their purchase has become very fast. Where can it go that in the coming future, there will be a lot of growth in the area of ​​Mobiles Phone.

Mobile Shop Reparing Business

If seen from this part, opening a mobile shop will be very profitable business, for this you will not need much capital. With just a small shop you can start it and some good smart phones which are being liked very much like - Red mi is almost all of its phones you will get in your budget at a very low price and their performance is better It happens. Apart from this, you have many more phones that you can keep in your shop.

First you have to start from a small shop, after that you will be able to increase the shop as the income increases. All you have to do is to get whatever income you have for 5 to 6 months after opening the mobile shop or even more than that and spend it back on the same shop and make it grow. Believe it is a very simple rule using which you can pursue any business.

According to a figure, about 1 billion 42 million 53 thousand 328 mobile phones were being used in India till April 30, 2019, which is the second largest number of mobile phone use figures in the world in terms of using China mobile phones. First place is there, that means every person has a mobile, now there must be a doubt in your mind that if all the people have mobile then who will buy new mobile We have an argument to clear your doubts. You must have often seen that a person has more than one mobile or at least two or three mobiles. Once a person using a mobile phone can never use this service even for a day. Don't want to be deprived of And mobile phones are bad and they also involve new technology by companies over time, so the mobile shop business is a continuous business and as far as I am saying it is a non-ending business. Is that this is a business that is going to run from generation to generation

ow to Start Mobile Shop Business )

To start a mobile shop business, first of all you have to get a shop at RENT. Currently most of the mobile shops are where there is a lot of crowd, the entrepreneur should rent his shop in a place where local customers Along with it, we can also target the online customer, that is where the courier service of various companies is available, the entrepreneurs are able to further their mobile phone business on their own or with various e-commerce companies.

Normally 10 * 15 square feet of space is enough to start a small mobile shop, the rent of which can vary according to the urban Ya Rural area. Counter, cupboard to decorate the Rent Shop to start a mobile phone business. And glass driver, chair, computer or laptop, air condition equipment will be required to be decorative as well as Attractive Transparency is necessary because if this happens then the customers who are there will be more attractive and in this case your mobile phone is more Will sell

Fully brand selection care in mobile business

If you are starting the business of mobile shop, then for this you will have to do a thorough market research, before picking up the stock of mobile, try to select some brands that have all the above facilities available in a single mobile also means that you mobile Let's take stock that is multitasking, that means not only megapixels will work, but along with that, battery life also has to be seen.To know better about a mobile, you can follow a site like, you can follow all the features about each mobile in Insights are well given, along with the features you will be trending (which is more in trend Ho) You will also have to keep information about the mobile which is quite popular in the market and if a new phone has been launched, then you should keep the same mobile in your shop, whose demand is more in your market.

See it is very important in BUSINESS PLAN wherein according to your local AREA you have to divide your market into different categories and DECIDE that in which category of goods you have to pick up and how much to invest, according to the location with you Can do market segmentation like

How much to invest and how much stock to raise

Now as I have told you above how to do market segmentation, now I tell you how much to invest, now imagine that you live in a LOCAL CITY OR TOWN where people are more interested in business, then in your shop You can keep the steps of high price mobiles if students are more in your locality, that means you have to take stock of new trend mobiles like LIKE mobile camera high pixel,Internet high facility, more RAM memory, more battery backup, this means you have to do thorough market research and after that you have to pick up the stocks in your mobile shop, you will have this money invested in the right place

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