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                                           As you All know In today's Era it is very Easy to Earn From Online or from Internet Just You need is the Little bit Information And Keywords Tricks But For that You Have To work Very Very Hard, For That  You have to Open An "YouTube Channel "

How To Choose YouTube As A WholeTime Business| Business Ideas|

                        Youtube is a Platform Where you can Share Knowledge And Your Skill Youtube is a free Platform Where you can share your Knowledge For That you must Have This Following Things To Become a Successful You-tuber 

  1. Laptop/PC For (Video Editing)
  2. Camera or SmartPhone 
  3. Internet  (To upload videos)
  4. Basic Editing Skill 
  5. Very very Important ("patience") 
  • How To Open A Youtube Channel??

How To Choose YouTube As A WholeTime Business| Business Ideas|

            Its as Simple as Changing Clothes you just need to have a Google Account with that account you can easily create your YouTube Channel After Creating your Youtube Channel You Should be Very Pantuall About Posting Videos That meanings you have to Post Video Regularly After That you'll Start Getting Views And Subscribers  When you'll Reach 1000 Subscribers your Monetization Will Be ON From that You can Earn Good Amount Of Money

STEPS To Open A Youtube Channel:-

  1. First create a YouTube account. To create a YouTube account, first you need to create a Gmail account. Once a Gmail account is created, you can easily create an account on YouTube. 
  2. Now you visit and give your email address on the profile page, and if you set a user name, your YouTube account will be created.
  3. After this you can customize your YouTube account according to your own.
  4. If you already have a YouTube channel, you can also use it. Use a cool name as a keyword for your YouTube channel. With the help of the channel name or keywords, people can easily find your channel on YouTube.

  • How To Choose YouTube As A Whole-time Business??

Upload Video on Youtube Channel

  1. First of all, put the video to be uploaded on the computer from which you want to upload the video to YouTube.
  2. Once you sign in, you will get the option to 'upload' on the webpage of your account, click on it.
  3. Clicking on it will open the upload window in front of you. Here you choose the video to be uploaded.
  4. Many options will come before you this time, keep in mind that you do not cancel this page, otherwise the video will not be uploaded.
  5. At the time of video upload, you can set the video name, description, privacy etc. as per your requirement.
  6. After this, after the video is completely uploaded, click on the 'publish' button.This way your video will be uploaded to YouTube.

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