Mutual Fund, will there will be no loss or Profit!!

New Delhi. Mutual fund managers and advisors are advising caution at this time. But many investors, especially new investors, can take more risk these days. Many investors may have greater risk appetite. That is, they can take more risk while investing in mutual funds. Currently, investors are also ready to invest in mutual funds for a long period.

But at the moment given the state of the market, it is important to invest in the right mutual fund scheme. But there are other factors that you should pay attention to so that you do not get harmed. In any situation such as the Korana crisis, it becomes even more necessary to exercise restraint and caution. Let us know things to consider before investing in mutual funds.

  • Keep an eye on the need:- 

 For example you have Rs 50,000. Right now it is a good idea to invest money in equity mutual funds, especially when the market has fallen about 30 per cent in the last one month. But stop before investing and take a close look at your situation. Are you sure you won't need money in the next 7 to 10 years? At a time when you miss a job or have health problems, will you not need money? If not, then go ahead and invest.

  • Are you covered by insurance??
 You can avoid some unforeseen health related situations by taking adequate health insurance cover for you and family. So check if you and your family members have a large cover to take care of hospitalization expenses for Health Emergency. And remember that do not depend on a cover of Rs 1-3 lakh. Most experts ask for a health cover of at least Rs 10 lakh. Rather this advice is up to Rs 25 lakh. So take insurance first.

  • Do you have an emergency fund??
 Remember that you have to keep an emergency fund for at least three to six months, which most financial advisors recommend. However, it will be lower in the current situation. You should have an emergency fund to take care of your living expenses for at least six months to a year to deal with the current uncertain situation. Financial planners say this is extremely important for elderly parents or young children who are financially dependent on them.

  • Do not expect a quick comeback!!
 in the stock market, the market has fallen more rapidly than before. But investors are hopeful that like every time, it will come back in a strong position. Although certainly, the Indian markets have seen a huge decline and have recovered rapidly, but do not always rely on it. Every situation is different and history does not have to repeat itself all the time. Remember that exceptions also occur. Definitely good if the market returns in a short time, but if it does not. So be careful.
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