How to Open a Shop?? How can I open a shop? with low Investment

Friends, in today's era of startup, we all want to do business, but if we have a shortage of capital, then opening a shop / store is a good option. By the way, the shop is also right because it can be started even in low capital.

The shop's business can be increased a lot, as today I will tell you about this business from beginning to end, from where you will start it and how far you can take it.

If you have started your own shop, then it is still a lot of work for you, so read this post till the end. Because in this post you will get every small and big information related to earning profit by opening shop and making it famous.

Some of you may be wondering, what is there in opening a shop, "Bring the goods at cheap prices and sell them at expensive prices". This is right, but you are also right, but there is a way to do everything it is not  done in a manner, then that work is neither more beneficial nor lasts longer, that is why today I will tell you the way through which you can remain in business for a long time.

  • Planning:-

Friends, planning is very important before you are going to open any shop , because planning is like a foundation of a building that does not let it fall on bad times, so let us know which  are the good  planning while opening a  shop. planning in the sense making Capital Available to invest in your business for example:- Imagine if you have opened you shop in a Month of  January  then don't expect that you'll get your invested money in a month of Feb because every business need its time once the business is set then you can earn good amount in next 6-8 month So be Financially Prepared while opening a shop at least have 20Thousand as an Backup plan 

  • Product Idea and Market Research: -
When your whole planing is done then start researching which products will give you the most profit (before Choosing Any of the product don't choose it because someone else products are running good ) So do research like which products are available in your area and then compare the same products with other area look which products are in demand in other area and which is not in your area so after researching you have to introduce your product with people for that you need Marketing After marketing you'll start observing that your Unique product is in demand in your area .

  • place :-
Note that, Place has a special importance in a business, so you should choose a place to open your shop, where the Streets are buzy and  crowded, for this, you need your shop to be in  market or roadside or outside shopping malls Choose the  right place where people will be attracted easily and it should be safe for family and even for single person this will increase your selling significantly, if you are not able to find the right place, then may be your shop would be closed in few month Because you'll not get as much as profit from the shop.

  • Capital and backup plan: -
Most And the Important After finalizing the product and place, now you will need Capital(Money) to start the business, Well  if you are going to  start a business with your own Money with out taking Loan then it is good beacuse if you'll going to take loan from bank or from anyone else then you should have backup plane for you business because if you'll invest your whole life saving then it may be a risk for you so please keep back up plan always ready and have some of the capital saved for Future
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