How to become a successful property dealer?

How to become a successful property dealer?

How to become a property dealer

Real Estate Business is counted among the largest businesses in the world. You might be surprised to know that the then US President Donald Trump is also an expert player in this business.

(Friends, the business of buying or selling real estate or real estate or land, house, shop etc. is increasing rapidly in India. And because of this, there are countless opportunities available in this business today. One of those opportunities is a very important and beneficial opportunity to become a Real Estate Consultant or property dealer.
Who is a property dealer / real estate consultant / real estate broker / property agent?)

Property dealer is a person who works as a mediator in selling or renting house, shop, land etc. In a way, it is the bridge between the property owner and the buyer or the tenant and together these two parties make the deal final. In return for this work, he gets commission or brokerage which can range from a few thousand to several lakh rupees.

How much brokerage can a real estate property agent earn?

Usually, on renting a property, the agent can take commission as rent for half a month to 2 months. He takes commission from both sides - from the owner and also from the tenant. And on the property sale, he can get a commission of half to 2% of the property sold. Many real estate agents earn up to millions of rupees every month from this work.

What does a real estate agent / property dealer do?

  • searching for property
  • Deal with
  • Customer detection
  • Show property
  • Maintenance of property - like getting paint done, getting it repaired, etc.
  • Rent agreement to be made when the deal is final
  • Registering land in registry office on sale of land
  • Prepare related papers when the shop is sold.
  • Check when the house is empty
  • House is in good condition
  • Electricity bill is credited
  • House tax is deposited

And so on
Note: You do not necessarily have to do all the things mentioned here in every case. What has to be done will differ from case to case.

Becoming a Property Dealer or Consultant is a job in which you can earn real estate without any cost. To succeed in this work, please read the 5 important tips given below:

5 tips to become a successful real estate property dealer: -

1) Pay attention to more experience than studies:

It does not require much technical education to start this business. Some private institutions offer such courses, but you can learn this business better than experience. Approximately 6 months to 1 year experience is right for starting this business.
Learn these things while taking experience
Through which property can you find
How can customers find you
What are the legal documents required
How to do practical work
Mathematical calculation related to flat, land etc.

2) Use soft skills and maintain reliability:

As a property dealer you have to deal with the landlord or land owner as well as your customers daily. In such a situation, your communication skills should be good. You should not only talk politely to the concerned parties, but you should give the most importance to the trust factor in each of your activities.
Many times in this business, the property owner is not present to show the property himself and gives the keys of his premises to the real estate agent. So if you do not fit into the trust factor, less people will deal with you. The easiest way to create trust - work by opening an office, maintain transparency, and fulfill the commitment you make.

3) Follow these methods to find the property:

First of all, in which area you want to do this business, you have to have a complete inventory of that area, you have a mobile in hand and two-wheelers to roam, then what is the best first to roam the whole area and rent and sell properties A list has to be made for this.

Property Search Tools

(You will get good property information everyday from daily newspaper
Property can be found on the internet through Magic Bricks, 99 Acres, Quikr, Commonfloor and many more.
Good information can also be extracted from the group Facebook group page WhatsApp group created on social networks.
And most important is to identify, that is, to locate property through your contacts.
Once you have worked hard and prepared a database of properties, now all you have to do is find a right customer for them.)

4) Find customers like this:

You need customers to do business. You can get these customers through these mediums:

Opening the office - It is necessary to be in the right place from where the customer can contact you easily.
Newspaper - By giving small advertisements in the newspaper
Internet - Magic Bricks - Ackers - Quikr - Commonfloor are some websites that advertise real estate. You can get customers through the advertisement of these packages.
You can also become a customer by creating your own website and promoting it on google, facebook etc.
And for real estate, Just Dial is also a good way to contact the customer.
Once a customer is contacted, then try your best to show him the property that he deserves. Actually, there is a lot of competition in this field and if you loose even a little bit, then your business will go to someone else.

5) How to work and earn profits

Property is usually in 4 categories
Residential - ie apartment flat, bungalow, row house, house in which people live
Commercial - shop for business, show-room, etc.
Industrial - Factory or place to setup manufacturing unit
As a consultant, you either get these properties either on rent or get them sold.

On rent

In this, you can get brokerage by getting a deal done on rental basis. For this, you have to show the available properties to the customer first. Since people are BG on working days, most people like to see property on Sundays or holidays. As an agent you should be ready to entertain the client at any time. Once established, you can hire some employees and get them done too.

Very often, the price of the owner and the customer is not mixed with each other and that is why most of the deals are not materialized. It is your job to persuade the owner and the customer for a single price. If you are successful in this, then you get a brokerage. This brokerage is a rent of 1 to 2 months or whatever it becomes.

By selling

Brokerage can also be found by getting a property sale, that is, by having a sale deal. It is 1 to 1 percent of the price of a brokerage property.

For example: If you make a flat sale of 25 lakh rupees, then you will get 50 thousand brokerage according to 2%.

But friends this is not such an easy task. No deal is finalized so easily. Often the parties do not agree on the price, sometimes there is a problem even if the loan is not passed. But if the deal is confirmed by crossing all obstacles, then your silver is silver. 4

Patience and hard work are necessary in the work of friends, real estate. Many people try to do this work for a few days. But in the beginning, they get frustrated due to lack of success and leave work. In such a time, be patient and keep working with hard work and honesty, you will surely get success!
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