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Best Way To Grow A Business

                Best way to grow a business

Many Enterprenuer who Have started their Business With Lots of investments but they don't get Ennofe Capital From their Business and are very tensed this days even you can grow your business with some of the business  Tip & Tricks:-

1. Costumer is God:-

You must always treat your costumer as if they are God  Because As you know "First Impression Is the Last Impression" so Always give your 100% to the Costumer so that they can come back to you  rather going to someone-else  

2. Advertisements:-

    Start using Advertisement so that people could get to know about you and your Product First as a bigger try using Ads network in your local Area And looking for the response try increasing your Area so that even more people could connect you.

3.Offer Discount:-

     Offer Discounts to your Costumer so they can purchase 2 goods or services instead of 1 try different types of discount on products or on Services 

4. Using Social Media :-

     Now a days social media is playing very important role in our day-to-day life people have started using social media from time to time even you can you social media to get connected with your costumer so they can have easy contact with you socil media platforms like:


Best Way To Grow A Business


Best Way To Grow A Business


Best Way To Grow A Business

Snapchat, etc.
Some More Tip regarding Growing Business

*Build a sales funnel.

* The first way to quickly grow your business is by building a sales funnel. 

*Utilize a customer management system. 

*Research the competition. 

*Create a customer loyalty program. 

*Identify new opportunities. 

*Build an email list. 

*Form strategic partnerships. 

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

Which are the sources for students to have part   time income? Part time works for students

Often students or students lack money. Students have as much money as they spend on their studies. They do not have enough money for other personal expenses and they have to remain mostly in the limit in terms of money.

This is why most students nowadays find part-time work, so that they can do some work and add some money for themselves. Or because of some other reason, students see part time work but it is a difficult task to see a good and trusted part time work. If you talk about online part time work then most of the work are fake or Froud ones. Many students are unable to find the right job and waste their time in the pursuit of money.

But there are also many right and reliable works from which you can earn money in the right way, just you should have the ability to do that work. There are many online and offline works available from which you can earn good money by working part time and are really beneficial for students. Today in this post, we are going to discuss about what are those jobs, which can be earned by completing a student or part time work.

Let us show you ways to make some part time income from which a student can earn money?

1. Blogging: - 

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students
Blogging is such an open platform where you can earn money by creating your blog. For this, you must have a mobile or laptop and Internet connection. You can earn money for blogging by creating your website on google's free platform or wordpress.
You have a strong hold on anything, make a blog on it and you can earn money from google adsense.
Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

2. Typing Job: - 

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

If your typing speed is good, then you can easily do a part-time job in any college school and coaching, there you can earn money by typing work. You can earn money per hour by taking online typing work too.

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

3. Freelancing: -

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students


You can also earn money from freelancing website. There, by creating your account, you can serve people on any subject related to whatever field you are good at and earn money.
Nowadays, many freelancing websites are running online. You can make your account by going there and join them and work to the best of your ability and earn money.

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students
4. Tution: -
Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

 You can earn money for yourself in any school or coaching or by teaching tuition to children. Nowadays the trend of online tuition is also going on. You can also teach online.

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

5. YouTube: - 

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

Nowadays you can also read on YouTube and earn money by making any kind of useful videos. Many people are making a lot of money in India, you can earn money by making channels on YouTube for free.

6. Call Center: -

Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students

You can also do part time job in any call center and earn money. Nowadays Hindi and English language call centers are open in every city.
This is the right way through which a student can also do his studies and can earn money by working part time. If you are a student, then you can think about doing these tasks and earn some money by doing Part Time Work. For More Helpful Informations, Stay Connected With
Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students
Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students
Best Part Time Work /Jobs For Students 
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Saturday, 11 January 2020

How to applymarketing to your business

How to apply  marketing to your business

How to applymarketing to your business

OF course, companies must make some adaptations and constant investments to keep pace with market changes. In recent years, many of these strategies have focused on digital environments, such as inbound marketing, known as attraction marketing.

Naming is related to the basis of similarity, through related content, since the attraction and involvement of potential customers is cured. From that point on, users can form close relationships with the company and, as a result, realize sales. This is a huge potential for increasing the visibility of the company and enhancing the customer experience.

What do I need to plan?

There are a number of steps that can be taken to achieve satisfactory results in the implementation of inbound marketing, but there are some common factors that must be evaluated and as you can analyze, they are important both before, during and after the sale. Some examples are:

1) Establish a goal and person

Undoubtedly, setting goals is paramount for any type of strategy, including the implementation period. Another important point to identify is the personality, which represents the ideal consumer, such knowledge must be constantly updated to ensure an accurate direction in each action plan.

Knowing the target audience and defining personality are important issues in deciding channels, after all it is not enough that the company is present in various digital media, it is necessary to offer quality content on the right platforms.

This is common because the customers of a company with whom gas water heaters can be predominantly present on a given platform, unlike civil construction woodwinds, will have different issues and perspectives as soon as they occur.

2) Attraction and lead capture

Planning requires analyzing the phase of attraction, covering the development of content relevant to people, that actually transmits support. The material needs to be well developed, not only with relevant information, but also in its structure. For example, aluminum railing materials about materials, care in installation and may present curiosity about the main benefits.

In order to generate leads, which correspond to potential customers who show interest in the company, it is possible to form to obtain information. From that point on, lead goes through nutrition and can be stimulated more effectively with ingredients until the day of purchase.

3) Organization and updates

It can be said that the transformation of leads into customers occurs not only through relevant materials, but through offers and credibility. After the completion of the sale, it is essential that the content is constantly updated and investments in strategies continue to attract more leads.

Learn the main tools of inbound marketing
To make inbound marketing satisfactory in the company, various tools can be used. Undoubtedly, this is a factor that requires a team of qualified professionals to outline strategies that are more compatible with the company's profile and goals. Among the main tools, it is possible to mention:


Social network;


Email Marketing.

Blogs are quite likely to share content in an agile manner, especially when compared to traditional sites. Usually corporate blogs address various topics within a segment. This is the case of a company that works with coatings, an example of the material the advantages of the ceramic pool coat would be to address.

Social networks are important tools of competence, particularly in relation to customer relationships. In this case, it is necessary that the activation channels are compatible with the individual, i.e. the ideal consumer representation of the company.

To encourage greater engagement in social networks, there are many features that can be targeted in different formats such as periodic posts such as sponsored campaigns, elections and more.

However, the webinar corresponds to a type of conference that is done online, but one person talks about a certain topic, while others participate. However, due to the increasingly advanced features of the platforms, there are different ways to interact with the speaker, such as live chat.

To enable the execution of e-mail marketing, it is necessary that certain processes are completed, such as obtaining information from users, which indicates consensus. In addition, a network of contacts and properly targeting quality content is important.

In the course of the lesson, important resources were presented for the implementation process of inbound marketing, but it is very important that professionals analyze the specifications of companies with caution. This is a point that naturally incorporates key issues to leverage the strategy and actually drive the business.
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Sunday, 5 January 2020

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Friends, today we will talk about Pharmaceutical Business.

Medicine Marketing Business in Hindi The size of the Indian pharmaceutical market is around 20 Billion Dollars i.e. 1 lakh 32 thousand crores and it is expected to grow at 20% CAGR in next 5 years. This means that the Indian Medicine market is so large that it has the ability to absorb thousands of youth as a business person.

As entrepreneurs, this market share can be made in many ways. For example:

By starting his own pharmaceutical company
By opening a drugstore
Become a stockist or wholesaler
Start by diagnositic lab
By starting a hospital or clinic
By doing drug marketing
And so on
How to start Medicine Marketing business?

What does medicine marketing mean?
When you go to a doctor for treatment, some of the medical representatives (MR) who tie several times are also seen waiting for the doctor. MRs from a pharma company, such as Ranbaxy, Cipla, etc. Is an employee of and meets the doctor about his company's medicines. And make these available at chemist shops.

On understanding the doctor prescribes their medicines to the patient and finally the patient demands them at the claim shop and in this way these medicines are sold.

So, basically in the work of medicine marketing, you have to promote your selected medicines in the market so that they can get more and more sales. And the work of promoting is done by meeting the primary doctors and convincing them to prescribe those medicines.
Generally MR working in medicine marketing is done by pharmaceutical companies, but you can also do this without becoming an employee of any company. Let's know how?

There are two ways of marketing drugs:

First: you register a company and do marketing of medicines under it. In this method, you can either manufacture medicines yourself or buy medicines from pharmaceutical companies and do marketing in your company name.

Example: Mankind Pharma is primarily a medicine marketing company. They seldom make medicines, mostly they manufacture from someone else and market the medicine in their own name. If you buy a strip of medicine of this company, it will be written on it - Marketed by - Mankind Pharma but there will be someone else's name in Manufactured by.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Second: You market the product of another company without forming a company.

The second way is a little straight forward and if you do not have much potential in the pharmaceutical industry, then this is the recommended way to start. Let us know about this in detail:

Steps in Starting Medicine Marketing Business without Registering a Company (Hindi)
Steps to start a drug marketing business without registering a company:

Step 1: Understand the drug market of your city:

Drug marketing is not so easy. If you do not have experience in the pharma industry and you start this work then there is very less chance of success. Therefore, it is better that you understand this work and overall market of medicine before investing your time and money in this work. For this you can also work as a Medical Representative in any pharma company. (For MR work you should be preferably science graduate, salary can be 15-30 thousand + incentives. It is a must to read English and you can speak even better)

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

By visiting the market, you will find out what kind of medicines sell more and which medicines you can make a part of your marketing portfolio by meeting with doctors and chemists.

So do not start this work in a hurry, only after understanding things, join hands in it.

Step 2: Select the medicines to be marketed:

In the beginning, you should choose 4-5 medicines and just market them. If you start marketing a lot of medicines at once, then it will be difficult to manage, so start small.

In this step, you should also decide which manufacturer or from which manufacturers you will order these medicines.

Step 4: Manage the money:

To start this work you will have to bear many expenses:

Bulk Drug Manufacturing From Manufacturing Company
Doctors prescribe your medicine to entertain them (this is also a big expense)
Giving free samples
Taking diary, leaflets, gifts etc. for distribution
Travel cast
Salary, if you are employed
Office expense, if you open an office. Most people start this work from home.
If you keep a rough estimate, you should have Rs 3-4 lakh for all these works.

Step 3: Build a team

If you can add some experienced person with you as a partner or employee then it would be good. However, it will also depend on your budget. Most people start off alone and recruit a few MRs once work increases. If you want to work alone then you ignore this step.

Step 4: Place the medicine order

Have to understand a little here. No person can ask for such medicine from a company to do business. You have to make a stockist or wholesaler for this work, and since you are doing this work as an individual, you have to contact a stockist or wholesaler of the manufacturer of the medicine you are seeking.

Let's take an example:

If you are working as an individual in Lucknow and you have to purchase medicine from XYZ medicine manufacturer based in Himachal Pradesh (HP) then you have to do these things:

The stockist of XYZ will have to find out and talk and explain his requirements.
Place your order by contacting XYZ and deposit money in return
XYZ will ship to stockist
You will collect goods from stockists
Stockists will have to pay VAT on your goods, so they will charge you VAT + some more money to provide this facility.

Suppose the goods you ordered from XYZ was for 100 rupees but if MRP of that entire consignment was added up then it was 1000 rupees, then you have to pay about 10% of MRP to the stockist, ie 100 rupees.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

This is because the stockist has to pay 5% of MRP to the government as Vat (tax) and he wants some benefit of his own, so approximately you have to pay 10%.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Do not be surprised if you are surprised by the MRP of Rs. 100 for goods of Rs. 100, as the margin in the pharmaceutical business is very high. For instance, a tablet of branded energy supplements is made from Rs 1 to 2 and is sold for Rs 9-10. :)

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Step 5: Start marketing these drugs now

After getting the medicine, you have to do the marketing work i.e. get the doctors to prescribe your medicine to the people. For this, you have to use some marketing tools -

Prepare a folder related to your medicines
Keep medicine leaflets
Keep free samples
Keep reminder card
Reminder card: On this card, a request to write your medicine to patients is written. Make sure to use this card, you cannot meet the doctor every day, but if you make sure that these cards are present at the doctor's desk, your chances of prescribing your medicine are increased.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

How much can be earned from this business?
Since it depends on many things, no specific number can be given, but if you talk thickly, then if you take 1 lakh goods from the manufacturer and it is completely sold, then you earn 60-70 thousand. Might be possible.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

how ?

Suppose you ordered a medicine that the manufacture gave you @ per strip = Rs. 10

The MRP written on that strip is: Rs. 70

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Trade Rate = Rs. 56 (It is usually 20% less than MRP, at the same rate you give the medicine to the chemist)

The wholesaler through which you ordered the medicine will have to be given to him = Rs. 7 (10% of MRP)

Will have to spend on Doctor * = Rs. 24.5 (35% of MRP)

Other expense: Rs. 7 (10% of MRP)

Now let's see where the money came from and where it went:

Money came: Rs. 56 The price at which we gave the medicine to the chemist

Money went: Rs 10 to the manufacturer, Rs 7 to Hollesler, Rs 24.5 to the doctor, the remaining expenses are Rs 7, ie total (10 + 7 + 24.5 + 7 = 48.5)

That is PROFIT = 56-48.5 = 7.5 rupees.

It means you took a medicine leaf for Rs 10 and earned Rs 7.5 on it.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Meaning if you take 1 lakh of goods and sell it completely, you can earn 75 thousand rupees on it.

Note: This is just an example, this cannot be generalized. Profit in reality can be less than this and more, it depends on what kind of medicines you are selling, in what volume and what is the margin.

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

Some other important points:

  • Do not run after the very big doctors initially, work on small doctors located at some distance from the city.
  • This is a credit business, you do not get money as soon as you deliver the goods. Therefore, keep the work of writing and education very firm. At what date, how much merchandise was given and how much money has been collected, they should all be accounted for correctly.
  • Be patient to succeed. The doctor who makes you wait for hours in the beginning will later get millions Business can also provide.
  • Interpersonal skills are very important in this work, so if you lack in them, then improve yourself. (Read this article on Personality Development)
  • Provide good and timely service to your stakeholders (doctors, chemists, etc.).
  • In this way, you will just have to pay income tax on the income earned by working, while if you do this work by forming a company, you will have to pay many more taxes and many records will also have to be maintained.
How to start Medicine Marketing business?

How to start Medicine Marketing business?

How to start Medicine Marketing business?
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What is a business plan and how to make it?

What is a business plan and how to make it?

What is a business plan

A Business Plan is a document that answers questions like "what", "why", and "how" related to a new business. For ex: What is our business? , Why are we doing this business ?, how will we do it? etc.

What is a business plan

A business plan tells a business, its objectives, its strategies, in which market it is working and what are its financial forecasts. The Business Plan describes what is the goal of the new business and how it will be achieved. A business plan is like a guide or roadmap to a business, which helps keep things on track.

What is a business plan

Normally a pay business plan is made for a new venture, but if an exit business is doing something new, then that too goes ahead by making a business plan.

What is a business plan

Friends, whenever someone starts a new business, he definitely does some planning about it. What does he think my business will be? Where do I do this business? Who will be my customer? How much investment will it take? How do we market our business? What will be our goal?, Etc. But many people do not document these things properly. Business plan is to document these things formally.

What is a business plan

It is also important to clear here that business plans do not just make startups, but also established businesses can make a business plan at any stage, especially when they need funding to expand their business.

What is a business plan

Also keep in mind that the things written in the business plan are not stones, the business plan can be changed from time to time according to the circumstances.

What is a business plan

Some people may wonder what is the need? So they should know that it has been found in studies that the chances of success of businesses which start with a good business plan increase by 30%.

What is a business plan

Let us know that:

What is the need for a business plan? Why do I need a business plan in Hindi
Business plan helps you stay focused on your goals.

A good business plan states that:

What will be your key objectives in the next two-three years?
What would be your strategy to achieve those objectives and
What will be your priorities
According to these things, you can evaluate at any time whether the direction you are heading is right or you need to change your course.Many people think that the role of a business plan is simply to take external funding. Of course potential investors, banks, venture capitalists ask for a business plan before putting money in your idea, but even if you are self-funded, you must make a business plan. The biggest advantage of doing this is that clarity comes into your own mind as to what and how you want to do it.

The following institutions or people can ask you for a business plan:

  • Banks
  • External investors - venture capitalist firm or a business angel or individual investor
  • Some kind of grantee
  • People interested in buying your business
  • The person or people who want to be your business partner
  • Government agencies or officers
Business Plan is a great tool to give an overview of the business and demonstrate how you are performing.

What is a business plan

1. Executive Summary (Executive Summary) / Executive Summary :-The Executive Summary is a summary of the main points of its entire plan. It includes the main thing of the remaining sections of the business plan. In this, the key features of business opportunity to financial forecasts are told.

Its purpose is to tell the basic things of the business well. If after studying Executive Summary, someone understands what the business is about and wants to know more about it, then understand that Executive Summary has done its job.

Executive Summary should not be too long - 2 pages are enough, as well as try to make it interesting so that potential investors want to know more by reading it.

What is a business plan

Since this section summarizes the rest of the business plan, it is better to write it at the end.

2. Introduction and Company Overview / Introduction and Company Overview

Small description of business opportunity - who you are, what you are planning to sell or offer, why, and whom.
Start with an overview of the business:

When did you start business or when are you planning to start
How much has been invested so far
How much progress
What type of business is your business and sector
Any history - eg, if you bought this business from someone, then who was the owner and what did they get from it?
Legal Structure of the Time
Your future vision
After this, describe your products and services in simple words and understand that:

What is a business plan

What makes it different
What does it give
Why customers will buy it from you instead of other competitors
How do you plan to develop your products or services?
Do you have any patents, trade marks or design registrations
What are the key features and success factors of your industry
Do not use business jargons to explain your business, put your words in simple words so that even a common person can understand things well.

What is a business plan

3. Market and Competition / Market and Competitors:-

In this section you should define your market, your position in it and your competitors. To do this, you can give a reference to any market research you have done. In this you have to show that you have a good understanding of the market you want to work in and you understand the important trends and market conditions.

In this, you have to try to tell that despite the competition you will be able to attract customers and run your business.

These things can be kept in this section:

Your market - its size, history of its development, and key current issues
Your target customer base - who are they and how can you tell that they will be interested in your products and services
Your competitors- who they are, how they work and their market share
Future- what changes can come in this business and how will you react to it
It is important to know the strength and weakness of your competitor in comparison - and it would be better to do a competitor analysis of your main competitors.

Remember, the market always changes - your customers' needs may change and your competitor may also change. So you have to keep these things in mind and move forward.

What is a business plan

4. Sales and Marketing Strategy / Sales and Marketing Strategy

Why do you think that people will take what you want to sell or the service you want to give and how do you want to reach the customer.

Describe what activities you will do to promote and sell your products and services. Often, this is a weak link in a business plan, so one should spend time on it and adopt a realistic and achievable approach.

Your plan should answer these questions:

In some way, you are planning to position your product or service in the market.
Who are your customers? Give details of the customers who have shown interest in your product or service. And tell us how you are planning to attract new customers.
What is your pricing policy? How will you charge customers of different segments?
How will you promote your product or service? Identify your sales process method, for example: direct marketing, advertising, social media, etc.
How will you reach your customers? Which channels will you use? Qin in your distribution channel Will partners be needed?
How will you do your selling? Do you have a sales plan? Have you thought about which sales method would be best for you, by phone, via internet, by opening shop or door to door marketing? And does your proposed sales method match your marketing plan? And do you and your team have enough skills for this method?

What is a business plan

5. Operations / Operations

Your business plan should contain information about your premises, production facilities, management information system and information technology.

You should focus on these things:


Do you have a business property?
Do you own this property or is it rented?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of your current location?
Production of products and services

Do you need your production facilities or would it be cheaper to outsource?
If you have your own production facility, how modern are they?
What is the capacity of your facility as compared to expected demand?
Will any investment be required?
Who will be your suppliers?
Management Information Systems (Management Information System)

Do you have robust procedures for stock control, management accounts, and quality control?
Can these systems be upgraded if they expand in future?
Information Technology Information Technology

Now the role of IT has become important in almost every business, so include your strengths and weaknesses in this area. Outline the reliability and planned development of your system.

What is a business plan

6. Financial Information / Financial Information

Everything you have said so far in the earlier sections has to be presented in numbers.

You have to watch these things carefully:

If you are thinking of external funding, how much capital do you need?
What can you give as a security to debtors
How are you planning to repay your loan
What are or will be the sources of your revenue and income
Financial Planning (Financial Planning)

Your forecast should be for the next 3 or 5 years. The first 12 months forecast should be in full detail. Make sure you explain the aspirations behind your projections so that the business plan reader can understand how to reach these numbers.

What should be in your forecast?

Cash flow statements - Your cash balance and the cash flow pattern for the next 12 to 18 months should be mentioned. Its goal is to ensure that you will have enough working capital to continue your business. For this, you have to keep in mind the salary of your sales and employees, and other expenses.

Profit and Loss Forecast - Considering your projected sales, expenses and how much profit / loss you are paying. Often new businesses are initially in loss and later come in profit.

Many times people become over-optimistic in their forecasts and give big numbers. It would be better to do less sales shows than you are expecting.

Risk Analysis

Along with financial forecasts, it is a good practice to show that you have also analyzed the potential risks in your business. And at the same time you are considering insurance or other ways to deal with them.

In Risk Analysis, these factors need to be kept in mind:

An action by a competitor
Commercial Issues - Sales, prices, deliveries
Operations - IT, technology and production failure
Staff- strike, poaching *, high salary demand
Natural disasters / Act of God- flood, earthquake, fire

7. Appendix

Although this is not necessary, if you want, you can also add an appendix at the end of the business plan. Supporting documents of the entire plan can be added to it.

For example:

  • Charts, graphs, or tables
  • Your contract papers with vendors
  • Your license, patents, trademarks, etc.
  • CVs of Major Employees
  • Rent Agreement, Lease Agreement, etc.
  • Key contacts details
  • Etc 

Some tips for making a business plan / tips for making a business plan in Hindi
Keep the plan small - If the plan is very long, then the chances of reading it will be reduced.
Be sure to include a content page with numbering in the plan
Write the executive summary at the end
Do not keep the font size too small
Even if the plan is being made for in-house use, you can make it thinking that any outside party can also read it.
Edit the plan carefully - in this you can take help of experienced people or experts
Share the plan with a common man and try to know whether he is able to understand things easily. Where there are problems, try to tell things in a more simple way.

Avoid Jargons

Where more detail has to be given, put things in the appendix and keep the remaining sections lighter.
Do not accidentally include any confidential details in the plan
Do not include some things like, staff training plan and detailed sales plan in the business plan, even if you mention that you have them

Plan yourself or get your team built under your guidance
Understand each and every thing of the plan closely so that you can give satisfactory answers to any kind of questions.
Also ensure that your plan is realistic
Update the plan over time
Friends, through this post I aim to understand the basics of a business plan. You may not have understood many of the things mentioned here, but worrying, I will soon share an example of the business plan and things will become clearer.

After getting the idea of ​​the business plan, I hope that if you are starting a new business or expanding the existing business, then you will definitely make this document. I know, it will take some time to make it and it can also be a boring task, but know that if you work on it seriously, then you will get a lot of clarity about your business and in this case your venture will be successful. The chances of this will increase significantly.

Another thing is that the business plan is not just for big million dollar business, it is equally important for medium size or small businesses. Yes, it is sure that the small business business plan will be a little brief and it may be that you do not include some sections in it, but it makes sense to make a business plan regardless of the size of the business plan. .

What is a business plan

What is a business plan

What is a business plan

What is a business plan

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Saturday, 4 January 2020

How to become a successful property dealer?

How to become a successful property dealer?

How to become a property dealer

Real Estate Business is counted among the largest businesses in the world. You might be surprised to know that the then US President Donald Trump is also an expert player in this business.

(Friends, the business of buying or selling real estate or real estate or land, house, shop etc. is increasing rapidly in India. And because of this, there are countless opportunities available in this business today. One of those opportunities is a very important and beneficial opportunity to become a Real Estate Consultant or property dealer.
Who is a property dealer / real estate consultant / real estate broker / property agent?)

Property dealer is a person who works as a mediator in selling or renting house, shop, land etc. In a way, it is the bridge between the property owner and the buyer or the tenant and together these two parties make the deal final. In return for this work, he gets commission or brokerage which can range from a few thousand to several lakh rupees.

How much brokerage can a real estate property agent earn?

Usually, on renting a property, the agent can take commission as rent for half a month to 2 months. He takes commission from both sides - from the owner and also from the tenant. And on the property sale, he can get a commission of half to 2% of the property sold. Many real estate agents earn up to millions of rupees every month from this work.

What does a real estate agent / property dealer do?

  • searching for property
  • Deal with
  • Customer detection
  • Show property
  • Maintenance of property - like getting paint done, getting it repaired, etc.
  • Rent agreement to be made when the deal is final
  • Registering land in registry office on sale of land
  • Prepare related papers when the shop is sold.
  • Check when the house is empty
  • House is in good condition
  • Electricity bill is credited
  • House tax is deposited

And so on
Note: You do not necessarily have to do all the things mentioned here in every case. What has to be done will differ from case to case.

Becoming a Property Dealer or Consultant is a job in which you can earn real estate without any cost. To succeed in this work, please read the 5 important tips given below:

5 tips to become a successful real estate property dealer: -

1) Pay attention to more experience than studies:

It does not require much technical education to start this business. Some private institutions offer such courses, but you can learn this business better than experience. Approximately 6 months to 1 year experience is right for starting this business.
Learn these things while taking experience
Through which property can you find
How can customers find you
What are the legal documents required
How to do practical work
Mathematical calculation related to flat, land etc.

2) Use soft skills and maintain reliability:

As a property dealer you have to deal with the landlord or land owner as well as your customers daily. In such a situation, your communication skills should be good. You should not only talk politely to the concerned parties, but you should give the most importance to the trust factor in each of your activities.
Many times in this business, the property owner is not present to show the property himself and gives the keys of his premises to the real estate agent. So if you do not fit into the trust factor, less people will deal with you. The easiest way to create trust - work by opening an office, maintain transparency, and fulfill the commitment you make.

3) Follow these methods to find the property:

First of all, in which area you want to do this business, you have to have a complete inventory of that area, you have a mobile in hand and two-wheelers to roam, then what is the best first to roam the whole area and rent and sell properties A list has to be made for this.

Property Search Tools

(You will get good property information everyday from daily newspaper
Property can be found on the internet through Magic Bricks, 99 Acres, Quikr, Commonfloor and many more.
Good information can also be extracted from the group Facebook group page WhatsApp group created on social networks.
And most important is to identify, that is, to locate property through your contacts.
Once you have worked hard and prepared a database of properties, now all you have to do is find a right customer for them.)

4) Find customers like this:

You need customers to do business. You can get these customers through these mediums:

Opening the office - It is necessary to be in the right place from where the customer can contact you easily.
Newspaper - By giving small advertisements in the newspaper
Internet - Magic Bricks - Ackers - Quikr - Commonfloor are some websites that advertise real estate. You can get customers through the advertisement of these packages.
You can also become a customer by creating your own website and promoting it on google, facebook etc.
And for real estate, Just Dial is also a good way to contact the customer.
Once a customer is contacted, then try your best to show him the property that he deserves. Actually, there is a lot of competition in this field and if you loose even a little bit, then your business will go to someone else.

5) How to work and earn profits

Property is usually in 4 categories
Residential - ie apartment flat, bungalow, row house, house in which people live
Commercial - shop for business, show-room, etc.
Industrial - Factory or place to setup manufacturing unit
As a consultant, you either get these properties either on rent or get them sold.

On rent

In this, you can get brokerage by getting a deal done on rental basis. For this, you have to show the available properties to the customer first. Since people are BG on working days, most people like to see property on Sundays or holidays. As an agent you should be ready to entertain the client at any time. Once established, you can hire some employees and get them done too.

Very often, the price of the owner and the customer is not mixed with each other and that is why most of the deals are not materialized. It is your job to persuade the owner and the customer for a single price. If you are successful in this, then you get a brokerage. This brokerage is a rent of 1 to 2 months or whatever it becomes.

By selling

Brokerage can also be found by getting a property sale, that is, by having a sale deal. It is 1 to 1 percent of the price of a brokerage property.

For example: If you make a flat sale of 25 lakh rupees, then you will get 50 thousand brokerage according to 2%.

But friends this is not such an easy task. No deal is finalized so easily. Often the parties do not agree on the price, sometimes there is a problem even if the loan is not passed. But if the deal is confirmed by crossing all obstacles, then your silver is silver. 4

Patience and hard work are necessary in the work of friends, real estate. Many people try to do this work for a few days. But in the beginning, they get frustrated due to lack of success and leave work. In such a time, be patient and keep working with hard work and honesty, you will surely get success!
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